What Halo Infinite’s Endless Brand Could Refer To

Over the past few months, Infinite HaloThe reputation of has been somewhat shaken. While it started out as one of last year’s promising games, with a multiplayer mode that took the franchise back to its roots, and a campaign that satisfied die-hard fans and newcomers alike, 343 Industries has dropped the ball a bit, and both modes suffer from a few issues. On the campaign side, fans are unhappy with the state of co-op, which is currently only in beta testing, and on the multiplayer side, the lack of new content and the disappointing Halo Infinite The seasons released so far have resulted in significant player dropouts.


Right now there’s a big thing that could potentially save Infinite Halo and bring in the crowd it’s lost since release day. While it’s not always the answer, a big DLC ​​expansion could really rejuvenate Infinite Halo, and if recent rumors are to be believed, 343 Industries is currently hard at work on exactly that. While this Infinite Halo The campaign DLC could turn out just about anything, there are some hints that it could see the Master Chief take on The Endless, a new enemy faction teased at the end of Infinite Halocountryside.

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Who are the Halo Infinite Endless?

Officially called Xalanyn, the Endless are an ancient species that posed a significant threat to the Forerunners. Just before the Forerunners triggered their Halo Rings, in an attempt to clear the Flood, they took samples of all known species, so they could be cloned after the array was triggered, and the worlds could be repopulated after all life has been extinguished. The Xalanyn, for some unknown reason, were not indexed by the Forerunners.

After firing the Halo Rings, the Forerunners discovered that the Xalanyn had survived the galaxy-wide explosion. Fearing this unknown species, the Forerunners summoned the Xalanyn to Installation 07, where they imprisoned the vast majority of the species. In 2559, the Banished, led by Atriox, discovered Installation 07 and began excavating a number of ancient Forerunner ruins. Atriox came across the Harbinger and freed them from their prison. In exchange for the freedom of their people, who were all trapped through Installation 07, Harbinger agreed to activate the ring for Atriox.

At the end of Infinite Halo, the Master Chief confronts the Harbinger and ends up killing them in battle. However, during the post-credits sequence, a thought to be deceased Atriox steps out of the shadows and is seen standing in front of a handful of imprisoned Xalanyn, presumably about to free them, and use their help to continue the war against the UNSC.

What the Halo Infinite Endless Mark Could Mean

At the beginning of December 2021, Microsoft registered the title “Halo: The Endless”. At the time, fans thought this might point to a future multiplayer spin-off, as Esports was mentioned throughout the brand. However, since December, the brand has never been officially mentioned. That being said, some recent leaks seem to suggest that a Infinite Halo The DLC campaign is on the way, and this mark could indicate that the Endless are the main antagonists.

Although this has not been officially confirmed, it seems quite likely that any future Infinite Halo DLC campaign will directly follow the events of Infinite Halo, where players saw the Master Chief, Weapon, and Pilot depart in a Pelican, ready to continue the fight against the Banished. With the post-credits scene directly teasing other endless enemies, it seems very likely that they’ll play a major role in any upcoming. Halo campaign, whether it’s campaign DLC, a spin-off, or a full-fledged sequel.

Infinite Halo is available now on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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