Walmart’s trademark filings show planned NFTs and cryptocurrencies

Walmart’s recent trademark filings show the company’s plans for NFTs and cryptocurrency. That being said, the major retailer appears to be gearing up to take a leap into the metaverse.

Walmart’s plans for NFTs and cryptocurrencies

According to a report by CNBC. Specifically, the retail giant actually filed a number of trademarks on December 30.

The trademarks reveal that the company may be planning to start selling virtual goods, including electronics, appliances, toys and even sports equipment. These virtual goods could also include home decor, clothing, and more, according to CNBC.

Apart from selling goods, it is also mentioned to offer customers digital currency and even the ability to buy and sell NFTs.

Company plans for AR and VR environments

On the other hand, another application also details possibilities of “physical training services” as well as courses in the field of health and nutrition. According to the story of The edge, these applications could take place via augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) environments.

The company also filed another case for the use of its name and logo in both augmented reality and virtual reality. An article from Bloomberg pointed out that the company also filed trademarks for some names such as “Verse to Curb”, “Verse to Home”, and “Verse to Store”.

Walmart’s former “virtual shopping experience”

The trademarks hinted that the company could prepare a virtual shopping experience for its customers. According to The Verge’s article, the new virtual shopping experience will hopefully not look like the one created for the company in 2017.

At the time of printing, these trademark filings are publicly available on the US Patent and Trademark Office website. Some of the repositories are listed as “Walmart Connect”, which is the retailer’s own digital advertising business.

Walmart deposits accessible via TESS

Users can access the repositories by searching for “Walmart” or “Walmart Connect” on the official electronic trademark search system or TESS. Walmart spokeswoman Carrie McKnight noted that the company is constantly exploring how emerging technologies could shape their customers’ future shopping experiences.

According to the spokesperson, the company has nothing further to share about its plans and trademark filings. It should be noted, however, that Walmart regularly files trademark applications as part of its innovation process.

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Company Hiring Crypto Product Specialist

In August, Walmart actually posted a job opening for a crypto product specialist. This is one of the first signs that the company is getting more and more interested in the metaverse.

Besides Walmart, other retailers are also participating in the metaverse as of press time. These retailers include Nike, which is looking to cash in on NFTs as well as virtual sneakers. Adidas is also currently selling its own Into the Metaverse NFT collection while Difference offers NFTs of the hoodies they sell.

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