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Kourtney Kardashianthe new top secret brand of Leave meis no longer so top secret! HollywoodLife has EXCLUSIVELY obtained trademark documents filed by the 43-year-old reality star, which reveal exactly what she is selling. On Sept. 6, Kourtney teased her 196 million Instagram followers by posting a photo of herself sitting on a loveseat and holding her cellphone. The word “lemma” appeared above her in lowercase letters, and in the caption, she wrote, “You’re gonna want to sit down for this. Notifications on please. After a compulsory registration, however, nothing was revealed about what Lemme really was, leaving fans to speculate. So what is it The Kardashians new mysterious adventure of the star?

HollywoodLife obtained trademark documents that were filed with the USPTO on February 9, 2022, which reveal that Kourtney’s next launch line will include “bags, purses, totes, wallets, clutches and clothes”. The trademark application was filed under the company name Lemme Inc., Corporation. It looks like Kourtney, who already owns a brand called “Poosh” which she launched in 2019, has decided to follow in her famous family’s footsteps and create her own empire. So how do we know that it was Kourtney who registered the brand?

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HollywoodLife also obtained a document that was also filed in February 2022, which requested that the name of Kourtney’s former company, KK Nutrition, be changed to Lemme, Inc. The document stated that “KK Nutrition, Inc. and that this company was initially incorporated in accordance with the General Companies Law of October 4, 2021.” At the time, KK Nutrition sold health-related supplements, including vitamins.

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The document continued: “Now therefore be it resolved that Article 1 of the company’s amended and restated certificate of incorporation be amended and restated to read in its entirety as follows: The name of this company is Lemme Inc.” On the second page it says: “In witness whereof, this Amended and Restated Certificate of Amendment has been executed by a duly authorized officer of this company on February 23, 2022.” The mother of three children signed the company’s name change document, Kourtney Kardashian, president. HollywoodLife contacted a rep for Kourtney, who had no comment.

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