Neena R. Speer Announces Trademarked That Thursdays Summit: 2nd Annual Online Virtual Summit

Neena R. Speer Law Firm, LLC Will Sponsor a Free Virtual Summit Featuring All Black Intellectual Property (IP) Lawyers Discussing How to Break the 1.8% Black Cap in IP and Law Firms increase diversity in IP law by training more lawyers interested in becoming IP lawyers with masterclasses led by minority lawyers.

This virtual summit began as a way to provide affordable CLE opportunities to minority IP LAWYERS. All monetary proceeds go towards creating a fund to help young female minority intellectual property lawyers access funding to hire their first team member and attend conferences and can be donated by PayPal or check via [email protected] or PO Box 55131, Birmingham, AL 35255

Neena was interviewed about her summit on the Influential Entrepreneurs podcast, listen here:

Speer commented, “I am committed to breaking the statistic that less than 1.8% of intellectual property lawyers are in the minority. We will encourage others to see each other by recruiting only diverse speakers. It may not be popular, but we know of many PHENOMENAL SPEAKERS who are MINORITIES by classification but ultimately MINORITIES BY PERFORMANCE IN THIS FIELD. Many areas of complaint in this area is that we don’t have the right opportunities to showcase our gifts. We aim to be that resource.

She continued, “We want to help more young minority lawyers interested in courses offered by minority intellectual property lawyers and legal conferences like INTA by removing this restriction that holds back aspiring intellectual property lawyers. . This is a free event intended to provide 8-12 FREE KEY HOURS to aspiring IP professionals. If you are interested in sponsoring with a gift of your IP course, software, access to your CRM, payment processor, marketing and even VA services, let us know what it is rated at so we can give you the referral credit appropriate.

The top roster includes a phenomenally talented female minority and a male roster who are all at varying levels of their trademark law practice. So, plan to attend this event for these amazing IP lessons.

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Neena R. Speer is a lawyer, author, speaker, and truth-monger. She has a solo law firm called Neena R. Speer Law Firm LLC. She is the founder and executive director of her non-profit mentoring organization focused on lifelong mentoring for all students at all K-12 and college levels, Step 1-2-3 Mentor for Life Initiative which she started her 3L year of law. Finally, she is a six-times published author. Her most popular book is a republished Kindle version of Dear Future Lawyer: An Intimate Survival Guide for the Female Minority Law Student, which reached #1 in two different categories in November 2020, earning her the title of best- Amazon seller. Since she was in eighth grade, her passion was to be a criminal defense attorney in her hometown where she grew up: Birmingham, AL. She is living that dream and speaking for countless organizations, including the University of Alabama School of Law, the YMCA, the Black Girl Project, the National HBCU Pre-Law Summit, the Black Pre-Law Conference, the Northern Illinois University Law School, various other organizations, and her upcoming TEDx Youth Davenport talk titled “Diversity Redefined” Spring 2023. She talks about her experiences as a law student, a black minority in the field of law, and his journey after failing his first bar exam. She specializes in trademarks, copyrights, business formation, contract drafting/revision, criminal defense and expungement. It gives Title 1 students the tools to become financially savvy by using mathematical principles and solving problems through budgeting, saving, and money management.

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