Meghan Markle accused of ‘playing the victim’ on a row of ‘archetypal’ brands – ‘Crass’ | royal | News

She said: “She decided to trademark a 436 year old word, the word is ‘archetype’.

“She wants to use it in the context of female Dan because she is a champion of female empowerment.

“So she’s going to fight the patriarchy, having given up her whole career, her whole religion, her country and her family for a guy.”

Mr Wootton responded by calling the move ‘ridiculous’ and calling Meghan’s new image a ‘victim’.

He said: “You could tell Megyn it’s an archetypal Meghan Markle move because it’s just rude, right?

“It’s gross marketing that makes no sense, it’s like you’re making tens of millions of dollars from Spotify, you don’t have to try to own a word.

“It reminds me, Megyn, of when Victoria Beckham tried to trademark the word ‘chic’ and was slammed for it because it’s ridiculous.

“I can use the word archetype in whatever context I want, I’m afraid Meghan.

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“Obviously Spotify said ‘wait, Joe Rogan isn’t going anywhere’ and then she said ‘oh in that case I’m fine’.

“When things are going well, she’ll share a platform with Joe Rogan because she needs the money.”

He added: “How dare Meghan accuse Joe Rogan of misinformation, she is the queen of misinformation.

“You remember the Oprah interview, she even lied about her marriage. The interview was literally 2 hours of misinformation.

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