Meet the Candidates Running for Oklahoma House District 21

DURANT, Oklah. (KXII) – Accountant Cody Maynard is running for District 21 of the Oklahoma House of Representatives.

“Every law we pass generally has a financial impact on our communities and allows us to help at both ends,” Maynard said.

And Dustin Reid, a native of Oklahoma and employee of the Choctaw Nation.

“I have a background in creating good paying jobs in our community, I’ve done a lot for tourism, small business development, developing our workforce here in Texoma,” Reid said. .

Both said they do not support recreational marijuana use and are eager to shut down illegal marijuana operations.

“Eliminating the bad actors, you know, and cutting down the wild Wild West that he’s got it right,” Reid said.

“We need to do our job now to shut down illegal operations because I have no problem with proper medical marijuana,” Maynard said.

The two disagree on what they said they would tackle first in power.

Maynard added that he wants to focus on state finances and push to raise money for state pension systems, especially for teachers and firefighters.

“They serve our community every day and we need to make sure we and Oklahoma fund their pensions because they need to be funded,” Maynard said.

Reid said he would address teacher shortages, help students choose to go to trade schools after graduation, support local businesses and fight record inflation.

“Our families here in Texoma are struggling and anything we could do to put more money in their pockets and cut federal spending fast, I think would help our Texoma families here,” Reid said.

And after Governor Stitt pushed to rework the tribal gaming compacts…

“I think the best approach for any compacts between tribal nations and the governor, we should all come to the table and work collaboratively because we’re stronger together,” Reid said.

“I believe that we are supposed to be people of our word. We have to honor the pacts we have put in place,” Maynard said.

The second round is Tuesday, but if you want to get ahead and vote early, you can do so tomorrow from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Former seat holder Dustin Roberts has reached his term limit and retired.

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