Mattel Sues Rap Snacks For Using Trademark Without Permission: Is Nicki Minaj To Blame?

Rap Snacks is facing legal action from Mattel after the latter sued them for allegedly using one of their brands on their products without their permission.

In Nicki Minaj’s latest rap snack release, she wears the iconic Barbie brand as her bling necklace, and the brand’s name was used as the “Barbie-Que Honey Truffle” flavor.

Rapper Nicki Minaj was not explicitly mentioned in the lawsuit, but is clearly in the middle of why the two brands are currently suffering the legal headache.

Mattel sues Rap Snacks for ‘unlawful’ use of Barbie trademark on Nicki Minaj Munchie

In an article by All Hip-HopMattel, the owner of the iconic Barbie, is suing hip-hop company Rap Snacks for trademark infringement.

Filed on August 8, the high-profile complaint does not include “Barbie Tingz” rapper Nicki Minaj in the complaint.

Nicki Minaj holds Barbie very close to her heart, even naming her loyal long-term fans “Barbie” or “Barbz.”

The lawsuits include one count of federal trademark dilution, one count of state unfair competition violation and one count of federal unfair competition and misrepresentation of origin.

Apparently Nicki wasn’t to blame for the legal limbo, as Mattel confirmed Minaj’s reps made sure to check in with her. rap snacks if they have already been granted permission to use the Barbie brand on new products.

“Rap Snacks made a deliberate and calculated choice to launch a new line of products using Mattel’s famous Barbie brand. This choice, made without notice to Mattel, was illegal,” Mattel said.

The toy company also pointed out in the complaint that Rap Snacks deliberately marketed the chips using the Barbie trademark on its packaging and advertising without obtaining permission.

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Will Nicki Minaj Rap Snacks be discontinued?

Based on Mattel’s complaintthey want Rap Snacks to appear in court for causing trademark confusion to their consumers and the alleged trademark infringement.

Mattel wants the brand to “cancel its trademark registrations for ‘Barbie-Que’ and receive all profits generated from the product.

The toy brand is seeking punitive and exemplary charges based on the snack company’s “wilful and wrongful acts” and the court/attorney costs associated with the lawsuit.

As of this writing, neither Nicki Minaj nor Rap Snacks have answered the question. The rapper finally released her highly anticipated single ‘Super Freaky Girl’ yesterday to streaming services around the world.

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