Lewis vs Hamilton: F1 champion challenges Hamilton Watch Company trademark, loses 3-year legal battle


He is arguably the best F1 driver of all time and he will soon be Sir Lewis Hamilton, but even he surely cannot do what he wants all the time. The Mercedes F1 driver lost a three-year legal battle with Hamilton Watch Company over the Hamilton brand on watches in Europe.

Now if you know your watches, you know Hamilton, a brand that made and sold watches before Lewis was born. Founded in 1892, Hamilton predates Lewis’s father, Anthony by decades.

An American brand now part of the giant Swatch Group, Hamilton is best known for its khaki field watches. For those who don’t like watches, Elvis Presley wore Hamilton, and the ana-digi watch you saw in the movie. Principle this year is by them. In short, they are legitimate and have been for a long time.

From LR: Hamilton’s iconic Khaki field watch; Hamilton watches were worn in the TENET movie

So here is what it is. According to Daily mail, Lewis Hamilton’s 44IP company claimed that the trademark of the watch brand was filed in “bad faith”. 44IP attempted to file the name “Lewis Hamilton” for a range of products, including smartwatches, jewelry and, yes, watches. But watchmaker Hamilton challenged the movement, which makes sense. LH then fought his corner.

The European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) has now ruled that the watch brand has the right to continue doing what it has been doing for over a century. “Racing driver Lewis Hamilton’s intellectual property rights argument fails. There is no “natural right” for a person to have their own name registered as a trademark, which would violate the rights of third parties, “the mainland’s intellectual property authority said in a statement. .

EUIPO rightly pointed out that the watchmaker had used the name Hamilton since 1892, and that it was “before the date of birth of ‘Lewis Hamilton’ as a natural person”. Quite simple, sorry Lewis, and long live the surveillance on the ground!

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