Jack Grealish shaves off his signature long hair, leaving fans devastated

The sportsman – who plays for the England national team as well as Man City – is as well known for his impressive hair as he is for his footballing skills. But fans are alarmed by her new look following a trip to the barbers.

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Jack Grealish attends Man City game against Everton

Jack Grealish has upset his fan base – but cut his boyband-style hair.

The 26-year-old Manchester City player has built a following thanks to his cheeky, boyish looks and impressive hairstyle as much as his goalscoring skills.

But for some fans, the lust and admiration might come to an abrupt end as he sat down in a barber chair at the end of the week to get a whole new look.

Jack took to Instagram on Friday to reveal he visited A Star Barbers in Manchester where he sat in a chair and a hairdresser brought a pair of clippers to his locks.

Jack Grealish cut his famous long hair



Footage shared by the star showed him smiling in approval as he sat having his hair shaved – with hairstylist Ahmed Alsanawi holding up a peace sign in approval at his own work.

The images were shared by Jack via his Instagram Stories and by Ahmed via his own main feed with a simple peace hand sign emoji – with the football star looking quite happy with the end result.

Fan reaction, however, was a mix of devastation and outright disgust.

A distraught fan responded to the video of Jack’s new look, writing, “No they ruined it!”

Another took issue with the barber’s job, writing: ‘brother what did he do to her man.’

A desperate third fan commented, “Where her hair went” alongside crying face emojis.

Jack’s beloved long hair is now gone


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While another called the new look ‘The worst haircut ever’ – and other fans used more ‘colorful’ language to give their take on the footballer’s new hairstyle.

However, there were fans among those who commented – writing, “You look like a sharp squire”, alongside some cheering hand emojis.

Jack, who used to wear long hair style curtains, has previously expressed his appreciation for a hair product called Moroccanoil – which costs £32.85 a bottle.

The star caught the eye during 2020 European Cup matches last summer, where many fans were drawn to his long hair which he often kept out of his eyes on the pitch thanks to a loyal band from Alice.

He shared some of the secrets to his haircare routine last July, explaining that he ends up using three different products, including Moroccanoil’s Treatment Original, priced at £32.85 from LookFantastic.

He said on a podcast that he starts his routine with “a bit of shampoo and conditioner”, to which he leaves the conditioner for “a few minutes”.

Fans might need more time to adjust to Jack’s new look



While his hair is “a little wet”, he’ll put on some Moroccan oil, dry it, style it with a hairbrush as he goes – to which he reenacts the movement by styling his “cut and that” .

The captain of Aston Villa will then put “hair bonding, like a wax to style it”.

And he explained that he finishes his look with Schwarzkopf got2b Glued Blasting Freeze Spray, priced at £3, “to hold it”.

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