Henley Friends apply for grants for new community housing home

The plans are ready: Win Crilly.

Henley Friends Inc is looking to build supported housing in the form of a Community Living House for the over 55s.

Win Crilly of Henley Friends says the group is asking the government to give them $5 million to start demolishing the existing building and constructing the brand new facility.

“We want a grant to get started, that’s the only way to build it,” she said.

“We own the land, we have prepared the plans and building permits; the only thing stopping us is finances.

The building will seek to accommodate 15 people, with separate bedrooms for each.

Food and lodging are provided for residents and there is no entrance fee to reserve a spot.

“You pay 70 per cent of your board when you arrive, plus your housing allowance,” Ms Crilly said.

Everyone will have their own bedroom and bathroom.

“You come to the dining room for meals and there will be a consultation room to host events.”

A part-time cook will be on hand to prepare meals and guests can pick him up at any time.

Ms Crilly said Henley Friends are also planning to eventually build a facility on the property to also accommodate a men’s shed.

Henley Friends has opened a waiting list for over 55s who want to stay at the facility.

“I am the first to enter, I have already chosen my room,” said Ms Crilly.

“It will not be first come, first served, an application process will take place.

“A married couple can come in, but legally we can only have one person assigned to each room.”

Ms Crilly said it would be possible to combine two bedrooms so that a couple could be together.

If you have any questions, you can contact Win Crilly on 0422 451 676.

Looking Ahead: An artist’s impression of the main entrance to the Henley Friends Community Living House.

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