Heatwave UK: 50p hack to keep the house cool – “the perfect solution”

Mattress Online experts have shared the most effective tips for cooling a room and sleeping better during a heat wave.

Keep a spray bottle of 50p water next to the bed

Mattress Online experts explained, “A small water bottle filled with water can be the perfect solution for a wet night in bed.

“Keep a spray bottle by your bed for quick, cooling relief whenever you get too hot.

“A few sprays on your face, or even on your pillow, should do the trick.

“You can buy a spray bottle for 50p in most cheap shops, then fill it up with water and keep it in the fridge before bed for an extra cooling effect.”

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Close the curtains but open the windows

Experts also recommended opening the windows but keeping the bedroom curtains closed in the morning.

They explained: “The curtains will act as a barrier, preventing the scorching sun from entering and warming the room, and will open the window to let in any chance of a breeze.

“This will hopefully leave your bedroom slightly cooler at bedtime.”

Rub an ice cube on your wrists

Another cool trick is to rub an ice cube on your pulse points.


Swap your sheets for bamboo bedding

Bamboo is a breathable and moisture-wicking material, making it one of the best options during a heat wave.

Bamboo fabrics are also naturally hypoallergenic, which can help reduce allergy symptoms that normally accompany hot weather.

“Avoid cotton bedding at all costs, as it does not wick away moisture and can make you sweat more,” advised the expert.

Steve Adams, CEO of Mattress Online, also recommended removing the duvet from the cover and changing the sheets twice a week during the summer months to avoid ending up in a dirty and potentially damp bed at night.

“Always wash your bedding at 60°C or higher because that’s the temperature that kills bacteria,” he said.

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