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The Great House Giveaway is a popular Channel 4 property show and the series sees thousands of people across the UK discovering their dream home. Mortgage advisor and TV presenter Tayo Oguntonade broke down complex topics surrounding property. He is dedicated to helping others, but told he has a huge responsibility.

The Great House Giveaway is now in its third season and the award-winning show offers strangers the opportunity to climb the property ladder.

They receive money to buy, renovate and sell a house, keeping any profit they make.

The latest episode saw Gethin and Jacob tackle a neglected house, but they had bitten off more than they could chew.

In an exclusive interview with, Tayo said he had a responsibility to help others make such crucial and life-changing decisions.

The star has a huge online community as the founder of BrickzWithTipz, a platform dedicated to educating people about the real estate industry.

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He said: ‘There’s a huge lack of knowledge when it comes to buying property in the UK and there’s not enough help out there, which is why we’ve launched BrickzWithTipz as a platform.

“Based on that, I would say that I don’t feel the pressure to have the responsibility, but I feel the pressure to do more than I already am.

“I think a lot of the help I offer should be implemented in schools, colleges and universities.

“My story started because it’s something I studied when I left college and naturally you always want the next generation to do better, so getting that information at a younger age can make all the difference.”

After graduating from college, Tayo discovered that her savings would be better spent on real estate.

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There were tough times, but Tayo said he was always looking for a light at the end of the tunnel.

He added: “My wife and I were helping a friend get on the property ladder and helping him consider all of his options.

“They were living in council housing so we advised them to look into right to buy where the government could potentially give him up to £116,200 as a rebate when buying his property.

“She was stunned by the potential discount as she didn’t even know about the right to buy program and was thrilled to have this option.

“It was also her family home and even though she was the last one left at home, it had so much sentimental value.

“Unfortunately the right to purchase request was denied and she was ultimately unable to purchase the property, which was difficult as we had to see a friend move away from a house in which she had so much of memories.

“The positive side is that she learned so much about the buying process during this time that it gave her the knowledge to go ahead and buy privately and she now has her own apartment. .”

The Great House Giveaway is available to watch on All4.

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