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We suspected that Google would release a Pixel Watch, but at best we had information in the form of rumours. Now, a trademark filing provides near-confirmation that the smartwatch is coming, possibly soon.

As always, however, take this information with a grain of salt. Until Google (or any company) officially announces a product, anything can happen. Microsoft famous deleted a Surface Mini the day before the launch, taking viewers by surprise as it was a well-known product that everyone was expecting to see.

Google is working with many companies to create Wear OS smartwatches, but it doesn’t currently manufacture any itself. Instead, it was chosen to focus on Wear OS software and let other companies, like Fossil, build hardware. It’s a similar tactic to how Android started out, but eventually we got Pixel phones to show the way for other companies.

Ever since it was announced that Samsung and Google have worked together to bring Wear OS to the Galaxy Watch series, the rumblings of a Pixel Watch have grown. Admittedly, the Pixel Watch rumors started years ago, but it’s only now that they’ve gone from possibility to near certainty.

Like spotted by 9to5Google, the company trademarked the Pixel Watch name. The most surprising part of this information is that Google didn’t already have a Pixel Watch brand. But with this decision, the company has all but confirmed its intentions. While it’s possible the company will reclaim a brand and never use it (it happens all the time), combining this decision with other leaks in recent days suggests a full launch is near. The trademark filing is filled with standard language, sure, but it tells us what we need to know.

PIXEL WATCH™ trademark registration is intended to cover categories of connected watches; cases adapted to hold smart watches; portable computers in the form of smart watches; straps for smart watches; smart watch bands.

Of course, it’s hard to say when Google will announce the Pixel Watch. And a brand does not confirm any other hardware or operating system details. But it’s probably worth keeping an eye out for Google’s I/O developer event next month, as it’s served as a venue for hardware announcements in the past.

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