Gaming House Employees in Atlantic City and Las Vegas Eagerly Await the Launch of BLAZAR Token “The Crypto Pension”

BLAZAR Token, dubbed the crypto-repo, is generating a lot of excitement among Gaming House employees in Atlantic City and Las Vegas

It’s been almost a century since gambling began in the state of Nevada, and it’s been as long as its gambling house employees have had no retirement plan. For years, unions have fought for the right to pension benefits for gambling house workers, and each time they have failed. Luckily for them, the nightmare of not having a pension plan in place is about to change. The Blazar token is currently in talks with various gaming house department heads about an employee savings matching program.

A group of Southern New Jersey police officers, led by retired NJDOC Lt. John DeSalvo and his partner patrolman Bryan Cohen are about to launch their own cryptocurrency token, BLAZAR. Labeled “Crypto Pension”, BLAZAR Token was created to complement the existing government pension systems in place across the country. Lieutenant DeSalvo said: “Once people see the guaranteed rates of return that we are able to offer our investors, it is only a matter of time before existing pension systems are completely abandoned. Ultimately, they cannot come close to the contractually guaranteed rates of return that we offer through staking.” Staking rates have been known to exceed 30-40% in some cases, which would be impossible to determine in the traditional sense.

These DeFi startup projects have seen investors flock to them, resulting in out-of-this-world rates of return. What makes the BLAZAR token different from others is a very specific algorithm created to guarantee zero downtime between two investments. While investors’ money is locked into a project, our algorithm begins a constant scan of the blockchain looking for the next highest stake rates that exactly coincide with the end date of the current investment. In its conclusion, the investors’ money is sent directly into the next project without a single moment of downtime. This allows them to move from project to project while constantly earning income.

Blazar Token Launches 4/21 Via Decentralized Crypto Exchange, PancakeSwap BLAZAR is poised to change the way we think about saving for retirement.

People can join BLAZAR’s telegram group or become an early investor here:

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