Family of 18 left destitute after fire razed their home

A family of 18, who depend on subsistence farming in Ohainengena village, Ohangwena region, are appealing for public assistance after a fire broke out at their property the last week, burning down four huts last week.

Village chief Festus Paulus, who confirmed the incident, wrote a letter asking for help on behalf of the family.

According to Paulus, the accident left Ndiikoyele Ndamononghenda without his national documents (ID card and birth certificate), pension card, bank card, church certificate and clothes.

All of his personal belongings burned in the fire.

“The fire was started by a five-year-old child playing with fire, and it quickly spread to other huts,” the chief said.

In the letter he posted, the process of bringing the fire under control was delayed, as there was no one around when the fire broke out. There were only children at home and there was no water.

Family spokesman Ferdinand Kamati (30) is pleading for public assistance to help them after their home was gutted by fire.

“Everything we owned burned in the fire. Our beds, our food, our pots, our utensils, our clothes – to name a few – were all lost in the fire,” he explained. Kamati said they were looking for help with the mattresses as their beds were also burnt to ashes.

Although grateful for help from neighbors, Kamati said they needed to replace their covers and seeds for sowing.

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2022-01-18 Victoria Kaapanda


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