F-Secure Announces Split With New Enterprise Security Trademark

Many partners expected the split so that both companies could grow faster.

F-Secure split into two companies and relaunched its enterprise security business under the new WithSecure brand.

The company developed the new brand in close collaboration with F-Secure employees, reseller partners and customers. The name reinforces the belief that “facing cybersecurity challenges together produces far better results than trying to protect anything alone.”

Over the past few years, F-Secure has transformed its operations into two strong businesses. The launch of WithSecure follows initial announcements last month of F-Secure’s plans to split into two separate companies to increase the relevance, focus and clarity of its customer value proposition.

The consumer business is a separate company under the F-Secure brand.

F-Secure Split means greater focus on customers and partners

Andrew Neville is WithSecure‘s country manager.

With Secure’s Andrew Neville

“With the split, both our businesses will be able to better focus on the needs of their respective customers and partners and, in doing so, better serve them,” he said. “WithSecure’s strategy is clearly geared towards growth. As a separate company, WithSecure is able to allocate investments to meet these growth ambitions so that we can accelerate the speed of execution and increase competitiveness.

Many partners expected F-Secure to separate so the two companies could grow faster, Neville said.

“For many partners, the focus solely on the Enterprise Security is a huge plus because it means focusing on strategy and business model, product roadmaps, etc. “, did he declare. “Additionally, we’ve included our partners in brand development and tested our messaging, visual identification and even our new name along the way to ensure the brand is achieving its purpose.”

Starting with a new brand, new messaging and a new approach helps grow partner business, Neville said.

Create Measurable Safety Outcomes

WithSecure is focused on creating measurable security outcomes for partners and customers, Neville said.

“Outcome-based security rejects the traditional mentality, where cybersecurity is about saying no,” he said. “It replaces negativity and fear with a new approach that empowers companies to make security an asset, not a liability. Instead of piling products and solutions on decision makers who feel trapped by threats they may not understand, we collaborate with our partners and customers to deliver security outcomes that deliver undeniable results and measurable.

WithSecure’s portfolio includes cloud-native, intelligent endpoint protection, cloud content protection for Salesforce, managed detection and response (MDR) and a range of cybersecurity consulting services.

Juhani Hintikka is the CEO of WithSecure. He envisions WithSecure taking on a unique European role in the global cybersecurity industry.

“Like any European company, we value confidentiality, responsibility and sustainability,” he said. “And we don’t see our European headquarters, our roots and our operations as limitations. Rather, we recognize our unique ability to offer organizations around the world a European partner for their cybersecurity needs.”

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