Employees ready to besiege Jagan’s house

CPS employees prepare to protest against YS jagan government’s fraudulent policy on cancellation of contributory pension scheme (CPS). Since the CPS policy came into effect on September 1, that day has been observed as a black day. Many forms of agitations and protests have already been organized to lift the CPS and introduce the old pension scheme. However, as the Jagan government did not pay attention, CPS employees decided to besiege CM Jagan’s house in Tadepalli, Guntur district on September 1.

Prior to the last assembly elections, YS jagan went on a padayatra as leader of the opposition. All over his padayatra, he assured the workers who met him that they would cancel the CPS within a week of taking office.

But now they say it is not possible to cancel the CPS after three years in power. We know that government adviser sajjala ramakrishna reddy has already said on several occasions that there is a technical aspect to this.

For this reason, CPS employees organized demonstrations and rallies. Petitions were also presented with heads of government. With this, the jagan government formed a committee on the feasibility of canceling the CPS. And finally, if the old OPS pension scheme is reinstated, it will become a financial burden in the future. That’s why cm jagan announced that he was bringing the GPS. They also advertised in the mass media that CPS would be good for employees.

With this, CPS employees decided to besiege CM Jagan’s house on September 1. So they decided to convey their protest to cm Jagan. They will demand the cancellation of the CPS and keep the promise made to them before the elections. Union leaders say 2 lakh CPS employees along with teachers and 93,000 ward secretariat employees in the village will also participate in the scheme.

It has now become interesting to see what action the ap government will take in the wake of union concerns. In the past, government teachers staged a large-scale protest against the PRC salary hike. They ignored warnings of government restrictions and flocked to vijayawada in large numbers. In this context, ap politics heated up with the simultaneous call to the headquarters of the CM house on September 1.

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