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By Roberto Hugo González

Many of you will have seen this familiar face, it is Edna De Saro, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Lone National Star Bank (LSNB). For the past eighteen years, Edna has been the LSNB’s link to the communities of the Rio Grande Valley. She has become one of the most effective emissaries for the bank.

The Lone Star National Bank has a tradition of helping communities in South Texas and outside of its banking footprint. The most recent case is that of Uvalde, a small community of less than sixteen thousand inhabitants. A tragic event impacted this community and the Lone Star National Bank immediately began raising funds to help the families of the victims of this tragedy.

Edna spearheaded the campaign on behalf of the Lone Star National Bank, bringing together Rio Grande Valley media to send a message to donors in the Valley to join the bank in this worthy cause. The fundraiser culminated with Edna traveling to Uvalde to deliver the funds in person. She said, “I felt like a beacon of hope for this community.”

In another very recent event, she hosted the 44th Annual Easterseals Rio Grande Valley Telethon for the fourth time in a row. For over 70 years, Easterseals RGV has provided essential services, education, awareness and advocacy so that children and adults with disabilities can live, learn, work and play in our community.

“Funds help provide endless possibilities for a child. They should be able to dream of being whatever they want to be in the future. And that’s what makes my heart beat. »

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On behalf of LSNB, Edna led the three-hour telethon in her 3½-inch high heels. It was broadcast by KRGV Channel 5 from Edinburgh’s Bert Ogden Arena.

As always, the connection to the community is vital. The Lone Star National Bank is known for philanthropic activities that only a few have done in South Texas. Edna is a tireless professional. When she starts a project, she sticks to it until the end.

She told Texas Border Business that people were surprised to learn that she had worked in the banking industry for more than 22 years. Indeed, before working with LSNB, she worked as a marketing officer and business development officer for another bank.

Is there a book you follow for success?

“No, I don’t have a book. My job is not a Monday to Friday job. I firmly believe that success is all about dedication, love and long hours,” she said. “I don’t know who came up with that joke about bankers’ hours, because bankers’ hours are way more than eight to five.” She added that other success factors are networking, networking and networking, at all levels and in all businesses.

Edna maintains a tight and active work schedule; she is multitasking. His full-time position at LSNB is public relations, creative and marketing. “I am very passionate about what I do. I love creating billboards. I love creating print ads, TV and radio ads, and web ads. I love everything about telling a company’s story and brand.

She pointed out that the public relations aspect is the giving back factor. “I consider myself extremely lucky to have the opportunity to get out there and raise money to give back, while representing the wonderful people I work with.”

Edna is a loyal, loving and resilient woman. She is dedicated, hardworking and an independent professional.

When you love, do you love a lot or just a little?

On behalf of Lone Star National Bank, Edna led the three-hour telethon for Easterseals RGV which was broadcast by KRGV Channel 5 from the Bert Ogden Arena in Edinburgh.

“I don’t know how to love just a little. You can see this as a weakness. But when I love, I love very much, and I am very faithful. And sometimes I also feel like I’m hurt.

University education

Edna is a graduate of McAllen Memorial High School; it’s a Mustang. “I got my undergraduate degree from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth in three and a half years. I loved school; I always took more than 12 credit hours. I enrolled for 16 hours and I always did more.

“I used to work on campus as a file clerk in the admissions office. I also worked at a local restaurant as a hostess at Ninfa’s restaurant in Fort Worth, TX. Edna said, “I put myself through college. I had an amazing college experience at TCU. I graduated with my undergraduate degree in Commerce with a major in Marketing and a minor in Latin American Literature.

Once she finished at TCU, she returned to the Valley and began a banking career. Years later, she was hired by LSNB.

Later, she went back to school at Pan American University to get her master’s degree. “I got my MBA in Business Administration from Texas Pan American University, so I have both undergraduate and graduate degrees.” Edna relishes her accomplishments in college.

Professionally, she is proud of the longevity of her career. “I think it’s a huge accomplishment for me. I was able to pursue a career in banking for 22 years.

Another significant success she has had is owning a small business. “I am co-owner of De Saro/Rodriguez, an advertising agency. »

How important is God in your life?

“God lives in me and in my heart,” she said. “I am here as a child of God.”

“El Que Quiere, Puede”, Edna De Saro

We mentioned that she is multitasking. Well, she’s about to start producing an audio podcast. She says, “latina on the border is one of my very personal projects. Something I was inspired to create in 2019.”

Many projects were about to start nearly three years ago; many have been postponed or suspended due to the pandemic. “2022 seems like the right time.” Thus, Edna is launching the latina on the border podcast very soon.

She says, “I plan to showcase all the goodness of the Rio Grande Valley, its leaders, its food, and what the valley is all about. It is an ideal place to raise a family, start a business and live.

Among other topics, what are the assets of the region? She said, “We have two ports in the valley, one in Harlingen and one in Brownsville, as well as several international gateways with Mexico.” She added, “Education, the public sector, industry, Hispanic motivation to succeed, and technology are also key drivers.” So get ready. This will be quite an interesting podcast. Stay tuned for the announcement.

Another personal project in progress is a children’s book that she has written and will publish. “It’s a self-help book for children.” She continued, “Sometimes we think about how adults need support so they can grow and grow stronger as professionals. We often forget the children. Children also need to be spoken to with encouragement. And I think now more than ever children face many adversities and different challenges that we in other generations have not faced in our lifetime.

In this book, she will talk to children about the importance of self-love. “Yes. And stop caring about other people’s opinions. Love yourself for who you are. And so, I can’t wait, Roberto. It will be sooner rather than later. I don’t want to say it all yet, but this it’s coming. It’s coming,” she concluded.

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