Crumbl Cookies Files Lawsuit Against Two Competitors

SALT LAKE CITY – Crumbl Cookies is suing two other cookie companies, alleging trademark infringement.

In court documents filed May 10, Crumbl Cookies claims that Crave Cookies and Dirty Dough have logos and packaging similar to theirs, alleging that the two companies are trying to take advantage of Crumbl’s reputation and branding.

In the Crave Cookie lawsuit, court documents claim that the Crave Cookie founder originally applied to become a Crumbl Cookie franchisee in November 2019, but was denied for unlisted reasons.

The lawsuit goes on to state that “Crave deliberately adopted the infringing trade dress knowing and intending that the relevant public, including consumers, would likely be confused,
thereby unfairly diverting sales from Crumbl to Crave.

On the left, the Crumbl logo. On the right, the Crave logo. (Credit: Court Papers)

In the Dirty Dough lawsuit, Crumbl Cookies claims the Dirty Dough founder founded the company in 2019 while working as a process engineer for Crumbl Cookies. They also claim that the Dirty Dough founder was a franchisee before working for them, but was also turned down for unlisted reasons.

The founder opened his first Dirty Dough store in Arizona in March 2020.

The lawsuit claims Dirty Dough’s marketing is “similar to Crumbl’s in both expression and appearance, its cookies are dressed in a manner that mimics Crumbl’s cookies, and its packaging is similar to Crumbl packaging”.

Left, Cumbl Cookies marketing. That’s right, Dirty Dough marketing. (Credit: Court Papers)

Both lawsuits seek monetary relief and injunctive relief against both companies.

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