Coach-Financial Advisor Jerome Myers Gets Trademark for ‘I Took the Red Pill’

Leading multi-family investor and coach for wealth advisors, Jerome Myers applied for and was granted a trademark for the phrase “I took the red pill,” a core philosophy he uses to teach his approach to wealth. investment and wealth creation.

Jerome Myers began his career working in corporate America. Despite his success building a Fortune 550 company, Myers left his accomplishments behind to pursue his dreams, a step he encourages those he mentors to take. “I took the red pill” has become his way of describing this shift from the mundane comfort of working for someone else to a path less traveled to pursue a more fulfilling career. The United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted Myers a trademark for this phrase.

Although many believe Myers makes investing easy, his investing journey was anything but. It wasn’t until he took the red pill and quit his day job to pursue his dreams that he realized everything he had to learn about investing in multifamily real estate. This uncomfortable step into the unknown was a pivotal decision in his life – one he encourages others to make to pursue their dreams.

“I’ve spoken with many people over the years who have a job but dream of doing something else they’re passionate about,” Myers remarked. “Yes, the journey from where they are to where they want to be is difficult. What is really holding them back, however, is that first step. For me, taking the red pill has become synonymous with taking the first step. the phrase “I took the red pill” allows me to own it and freely share the success it has brought me with the financial advisors I coach.”

Having taken the red pill himself, Myers is dedicated to helping others escape their current circumstances and proving that dreams should come true. His podcast, DreamCatchers, highlights the success stories of others who, like him, have stepped into the unknown and made their dreams come true. From all walks of life, Myers guests share one thing in common: They’ve all taken the red pill.

I hope I can teach others through my podcasts, speaking engagements, Masterminds, and my financial advisor coaching program that they are capable of more than they realize,” Myers said. “We put up these barriers around us, real or imagined, and tell each other all the reasons why we can’t or shouldn’t do something. If you decide that’s what you’ll do, the truth is, you can. That’s what taking the red pill is all about: changing the narrative and taking the first steps. Most people are surprised at what they can accomplish if they try.

As a recognized thought leader in his field, Myers has been featured on podcasts such as “Target Market Insights” with John Casmon, “Multifamily Investor Nation” with Dan Hanford, and dozens more. To learn more about Jerome Myers or what it means to “take the red pill”, visit

About Jerome Myers

Are you ready to quickly achieve your goals and live a life full of meaning and impact? Jerome Myers has developed a number of programs based on the Model for Centered Living, aka The Red Pill, to help reinforce confident beliefs, clarify the path to success, and provide accountability to act on goals.

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