Brand loyalty: Red Hat employees permanently wear the new company logo

RALEIGH – From putting on red fedoras to socks and t-shirts with the new logo, Red Hat employees proudly wore the company’s new swag when it launched its rebranding on Wednesday.

But some have taken it to the next level, featuring freshly inked tattoos of the red fedora brand that is now the company’s new trademark, replacing the “Shadowman” of previous years.

“I’ve been thinking about this for a while. I was approached by the brand team and said, ‘Yeah, I’ll do it,’ said Colby Hoke, 36, a content manager who has worked for the company for over 12 years. .

Colby Hoke, 36, a content manager who has worked at Red Hat for over 12 years, has agreed to permanently display himself with the new company logo.

Let’s take a closer look at Colby Hoke’s new tattoo.

About three weeks ago, he and a group of three other Red Hat employees drove together to the Raleigh Company tattoo shop on Brookside Drive. With the new logo in hand, each sat in the tattoo artist’s chair for about 30 minutes, getting the image inked on their body – courtesy of Red Hat, of course.

“I’ve been a Red Hat fan for years. It was the business of my dreams in high school, ”Hoke added, showing off the new tattoo on his right forearm. “I ended up finding a job here. I always liked the old logo and was a little unsure about the new one. But once I saw him put things on I realized it was so much better. It’s cleaner. I trust the brand team to do the right thing, and they killed him.

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Michael Chadwick, 26, also agreed to get a tattoo to show his loyalty to the company. He works in corporate communication and has worked in the company for less than a year.

This is his 16th tattoo.

“I went home. I didn’t say yes or no right away. I thought about it,” he said.

Michael Chadwick lifts his shirt to take a look at his new tattoo.

“I only get the ones that are meaningful to me, and that means a lot, honestly,” said Chadwick, who quietly hid it under his shirt above his right hip. “[I embrace] all the principles they embody. Open source technology, and how anyone can change anything. There is no hierarchy involved. I like it from a technological point of view. That’s what drove me to work at Red Hat, basically.

Getting a tattoo with the company logo is apparently part of Red Hat’s work culture. Seventeen employees already had the old logo as a tattoo.

So far Chadwick has no regrets.

“It’s not an overnight concert. I won’t be leaving by tomorrow. I plan to stay here as long as possible and work here.

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