Australia launches new $10 million commercial brand

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A new national brand with a kangaroo logo and the slogan “Only in Australia” has been launched as part of a $10 million bid to boost trade and investment.

Over 300 marketing resources will be available free of charge to Australian businesses using the logo and tagline.

“A strong national brand and slogan will enhance Australia’s reputation as an internationally competitive investment destination, a great place to visit, a provider of quality education and a trusted exporter of high quality goods and services. range,” Trade Minister Dan Tehan said on Friday.

Modeling by Deloitte Access Economics found that improving Australia’s global brand ranking by one place would boost merchandise exports by around $3.1 billion a year.

It would also improve foreign direct investment by $704 million per year, boost tourism by $174 million per year, and increase international education by $137 million per year.

The logo and tagline were developed by the Brand Advisory Council, with design agencies Clemenger BBDO Sydney, Balarinji and Houston Group Sydney.

Yanyuwa man, Balarinji chairman and cultural director John Moriarty described the logo as a “kangaroo… leaping forward, reflecting Australia’s optimism”.

“It is formed by a contemporary expression of three boomerangs,” he said.

“The head is the ‘7’ boomerang used in ceremonies as a percussion instrument for singing and dancing.

“The body and tail are boomerangs used to hunt or forage for food, or to connect with soft wood to start a fire. This kangaroo tells the story of country, belonging and sustainable living.

Brand Advisory Council Chairman Andrew Forrest said the brand would help attract investment, add value to exports and attract highly skilled tourists and migrants.

“Now is the time for Australian business, industry and government to come together and collaboratively promote Australia for all it has to offer,” said Dr Forrest.

Qantas boss Alan Joyce has said marketing Australia will be vital as we emerge from the COVID-19 crisis.

“At Qantas we know the power of an instantly recognizable iconic brand – the Flying Kangaroo is one of the most recognizable brands in the world,” he said.

“So it’s great to see Australia’s new national brand that will reflect the country’s culture, vibrancy and innovation to the world.”


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