AEW Star Billy Gunn has filed a trademark for ‘New Age Outlaws’

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Billy Gunn is once again diving into trademark waters as it was reported that he trademarked “New Age Outlaws” on January 7.

Some fans are talking and fueling rumors that he and Jesse James are going to team up in AEW under their old team name because it was a field for general merchandise and general pro wrestling use so it looks more like to marketing. the reasons.

This filing came after it was announced that Gunn and James would be appearing at The Squared Circle Expo on April 15-16 in Indianapolis, IN.

Still together

The file indicated (special thanks to for transcription):

“Hats; Shirts; Socks; Sweatshirts; Hoodies” and “Entertainment in the form of wrestling contests; entertainment services, namely, wrestling exhibitions and performances by a professional wrestler and entertainer; entertainment services, namely, live appearances by professional wrestler and sports entertainer; entertainment services, namely, personal appearances by a professional wrestling and sports entertainment personality; entertainment services, namely, television appearances by a professional wrestler and entertainment personality athlete; To provide wrestling news and information via a global computer network.

Ever since James was released from his NXT backstage duties by WWE, fans have been hoping to see them together in AEW, and Gunn joked about how James could join him as a producer in AEW.

But for now, it looks like James is more than happy to book seminars and sign Gunn as the New Age Outlaws, as their appearance at the aforementioned Squared Circle Expo took place a few days after the release of James.

Oh, you didn’t know?

While they may not be wrestling together, it’s good to see the duo reunited to meet fans at different conventions.

For many of us, myself included, they were arguably the most exciting and fun tag team during the Monday Night Wars and their entry shouldn’t be overlooked.

They were so good they were often overshadowed by others in the ring, but they still held their own, and we’re thrilled with the conventions, but also what that means for behind the scenes in wrestling.

We’re not saying James should go to AEW or anything, but he has a good wrestling spirit and would be an asset to any company he goes to.

In the end, we have always been able to see them together in AEW. Who knows more?

What’s your favorite New Age Outlaws moment? We’d love to hear your opinion, so let us know in the comments below.

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