2022 midterm elections: Republicans and Democrats vie for control of the House and Senate

Democratic nominee paid off blogger who amplified remarks describing Obama as ‘a god–mn n—–‘

A blogger who shared racist remarks about former President Barack Obama has been paid by Democratic Rep. Vicente Gonzalez’s campaign for “ad services” twice.

In November 2014, Juan Montoya, who runs the blog El Rrun Rrun, amplified insensitive comments written by Jerry McHale, another blogger who revealed in July that he had made numerous racist and sexist remarks via his own blog targeting GOP Rep. Mayra Flores.

In the post shared on Montoya’s blog, McHale, who was also paid by the Gonzalez campaign for “advertising services” via his own blog, made racist comments via “one of his alternate personalities” known as name of Dr. GF McHale-Scully.

Describing the Republican politicians he believed the GOP should support in the election, McHale said, “Voters see Cameron County Republicans as viable options. If the party of the wealthy, racists, and religious right led Terry Ray or Bud Richards or Harry McNair, the Democrats would win in landslides, but Tony Garza, Cascos and Garcia are not reactionary ideologues, born-again Christians or prudes.”

“They like f— and drinking. They’re reasonable individuals who don’t rant and rave that Barack Obama is a god–mn n—– who puts an end to the world,” he said. added. “They don’t waste any rhetoric against gay marriage, abortion, or the legalization of marijuana.”

As of Thursday afternoon, ads for Gonzalez’s campaign remain active on Montoya’s blog, leading those inquiring to the Texas candidate’s Facebook page.

In a statement to Fox, the Gonzalez campaign insisted that it had “already severed ties with the author of this article” and that the language used in the blog post was “abhorrent”.

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