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Vinit Bansode, Founder, The Graphology Research Institute.

By Vinit Bansode

Graphology is the study of graphs. Although commonly referred to as the study of handwriting, it is actually a proven science that can study an individual’s behavior and thought patterns through the shape of lines, heights of lines, angles of lines. lines, loops and many other things. As part of graphology, special emphasis is placed on logo design traits for businesses and establishments. Logos are the public image or identity of a brand. They drive perception for consumers and stakeholders to identify, remember and perceive. Not many people know that a brand’s logo design is almost like a blue imprint of how that business would set the model of behavior and future plans for the business! For example, famous logos like Raymond’s, Gold spot, Ray Ban, are etched in our memories and we perceive them in a definitive way, that too instantly.

A logo can be described as the face of a business. They are printed on your products, business cards, website, social media IDs, and more. The company logo communicates ownership. It tells people who you are as a brand and what type of product or service you are selling, or what benefit you offer consumers. A well-designed logo is an easy way to let potential customers know that your business is professional, trustworthy, and provides quality goods or services. Having said that, a logo also has the power to make or break the business / brand. Literally as well as figuratively !

According to the graphology analysis, there are certain red flags that one should take into account when designing and executing the logo –

Ray Ban - Logo of the ascending formation.
Ray Ban – Logo of the ascending formation.

1. Complex designs: Mainly, logo designs don’t have to be complex designs. Speaking of complexity, we mean nested and entangled formations. Complex designs represent confused / unclear thoughts, struggles, and difficulties for those directly involved. Even the way the company name is presented plays a vital role.

2. Training: Bottom-up formation of the company name is necessary to show the prospects for future growth. An example for this example is the sunglasses brand Ray Ban, which to this day is one of the coveted brands in the popular segment across all age groups.

3. Upper case alphabets: The capital letter of the first alphabet should be uppercase, indicating the company’s growth plans. The lower case is a red flag. Here we take the example of an eBay e-commerce giant; they have been in the same nature of business since we know them. Other similar ecommerce platforms have ventured into various other modes while using similar platforms. On the other hand, Coca-Cola has flanked the market with various beverage products and continues to add verticals according to market demand.

4. A sturdy design: The design should not involve any elements that display a corner or break in the logo vector. This design element represents a pattern of self-defeating thought. The wedged logo reminds us of an elegant Indian brand named Provogue, this particular brand had its logo striped from the

eBay - Lower Case Alphabet Logo.
eBay – Lower Case Alphabet Logo.

very central and we are all aware that the brand had to really struggle.

5. A circled logo: Organizations that have their logos circled show that they do not intend to go beyond their initial scope of work. There has been a design element that government agencies follow that specifically surrounds the agency name that describes the territory or scope of work for which they are created. Classic examples of brands with circled logos are companies formed years ago like BMW, Mercedes Benz, GE, etc.

Graphology has a broad scope that spans from handwriting to signing and ventures into the graphic design of corporate logos. By adding certain basics to logo design, one can add a positive and long-term trait to the business and, in turn, to the people associated with it – from employees to third-party vendors. As mentioned with all of the examples above, a logo design can have a huge impact on the growth, success rate or failure of the business. This is why the aesthetic of your business logo needs the science of graphology to execute it.

The author is the founder of The Graphology Institute.

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