Toronto Maple Leafs fan gets meat company logo on birthday cake

Hope this kid likes lunch

A young Canadian hockey fan received an unwelcome birthday surprise when it was time to blow out the candles.

Tania Lévesque ordered a cake from a bakery in the suburbs of Montreal for her eight-year-old stepson Jacob and asked her to include the logo of her favorite hockey team, as she has been doing for three years now. When the bakery said so did not have a Maple Leafs logo on hand, Lévesque’s husband, Mathieu Bertrand, told them to just Google. Big mistake. So Jacob ended up with a birthday cake emblazoned with the Maple Leaf Foods logo, a company that makes packaged meats.

Although the cake bore the logo of the company that makes hot dogs and baloney, it was still made of cake. All the children enjoyed it, despite the confusion. All except Jacob, that is to say.

“He didn’t even take a bite” Lévesque told CTV News from Toronto.

Jacob may have been baffled he didn’t get his hockey cake, but there is a happy ending. Its story caught the attention of Maple Leaf Foods, which donated to send the family to a Maple Leafs game. The company gave them the opportunity to see the team during their visit to Montreal or while traveling to Toronto.

“I’m going to choose Toronto because the kids want to go” Lévesque told CBC. “And they also gave us $ 300 from Maple Leaf Foods. Kids love the Maple Leaf baloney.

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